Animal support groups threaten to demonstrate in the streets of Palma

John Smith : 7 June 2021

WITH summer temperatures about to shoot up, two Mallorcan associations are ready to demonstrate on the streets to try to ensure that animals are being protected by the authorities.

Expected to work together, Progreso en Verde and Baldea (Federation of Balearic animal protection associations) are particularly worried about the treatment of carriage horses used to take tourists around Palma.

A new animal ordinance was due to be introduced to protect the horses, but this is still just in the pipeline and the groups will take to the streets over this if necessary.

In addition, they are worried about the state of the Son Reus protection centre, bemoan the fact that so much pruning continues which limits the option for birds to build nests and although Baldea sponsors neutering of cats, the Government does little to ensure their well-being or protection.

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