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New York Daily News | August 24, 2021

Put these steeds out to pasture: It’s time to replace carriage horses with electric vehicles 
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If you support phasing out horse-drawn carriages in NYC with electric horseless carriages to write a Letter to the Editor of the Daily News within the next 24-48 hours. The letters should be no more than 150 words.

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It’s time to transition to electric ‘horseless’ carriages

This website was created to educate and provide information about the growing global movement to replace urban carriage horses in busy over-crowded cities with electric ‘horseless’ carriages.

This remarkable trend first began in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2017. Since then, it has spread to other cities around the world. After you watch our video based on interviews conducted during a trip to Guadalajara, please take the time to read more of the information on this website.

We hope the video and information we provide will help start a serious dialogue
about introducing electric ‘horseless’ carriages to New York City.

The people of Guadalajara are an inspiration and true pioneers. They proved to the world how sides that had differed for years could finally come together and establish a new progressive form of tourism that has greatly benefited everyone involved—including the horses.

We hope you become as excited and optimistic as we are about the prospect of New York City becoming the first city in the U.S. to transition to electric carriages. We will be updating this website regularly,
so please visit often and sign up for our eAlerts.

We’re off and running!

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Susan Wagner and Elizabeth Forel, Co-founders
The Committee for Compassionate & Responsible Tourism


These photos document just a few of the cities that have already made the transition from horse-drawn to electric carriages. We sincerely hope that New York will seriously consider making history by becoming the first city in the United States to begin transitioning to electric “horseless” carriages as it continues building back better for business and returning to normal following the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It all started in Guadalajara. 

Now it is a progressive world-wide movement sweeping the globe.

This report was written following a fact-finding mission to Guadalajara and combines our findings during that trip with some history and information about the New York City carriage horse trade.

THE CASE FOR NYC TRANSITIONING From Horse-drawn Carriages to Electric ‘Horseless’ Carriages

Compassionate and responsible tourism is a concept that is increasingly gaining more attention, one that touches on both ethics and eco-tourism. It has come about largely because of a growing concern with the environment and our society’s sometimes deliberate, but also sometimes unintended and inadvertent, inhumane treatment of animals. The new awareness and approach have become part of an exciting global movement. Read more >


Berlin, Germany
Cologne, Germany
Dubai, UAE
Guadalajara, Mexico
Istanbul, Turkey
Merida, Mexico
Motul, Mexico
Münster, Germany
Mumbai, India
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Vienna, Austria


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Asheville, NC
Barcelona, Spain
Beijing, China
Biloxi, MS
Camden, NJ
Chicago, IL
Delhi, India
Guadalajara, Mexico
Key West, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Montreal, Canada
Mumbai, India
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
Oxford, England
Palm Beach, FL
Panama City Beach, FL
Salt Lake City, UT


Atlanta, GA
Acapulco, Mexico
Ensenada, Mexico
Boston, MA
Charleston, SC
Cincinnati, OH
Dallas, TX
Dublin, Ireland
Florence, Italy
Gili Islands, Indonesia
Innsbruck, Austria
Melbourne, Australia
Nassau, Bahamas
New Orleans, LA
New York City, NY
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Philadelphia, PA
Prague, Czech Republic
Quebec City, Canada
Rome, Italy
St. Augustine, FL
St. Louis, MO
Salzburg, Austria
Savannah, GA
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Vienna, Austria

Horses in pasture

New York could become the first city in the United States to offer electric ‘horseless’ carriages under the auspices of compassionate and responsible tourism.

We hope NYC will take the lead as the first American city to bring this new, innovative electric carriage industry to the United States and set an example for other busy urban centers to do the same.

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